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Devotional for June 19

"All His Saints are in Thy hand." Deuteronomy 33:3

EVERY believer is a saint, separated by the purpose of God: sanctified by the operations of the Holy Spirit; set apart for God, and devoted to His service. Every saint is in the hand of Jesus; in the hand of His mercy--in the hand of His power, and in the hand of His providence. The hand of Jesus is large enough to hold all; strong enough to defend all. They are in His hand as His property, purchased by His blood; as His charge, committed to Him by His Father; at His disposal, to do with them as seemeth good in His sight; under His protection, to be kept from Satan, death, and hell; to be guided through this desert world, to our Father's house above; to be moulded by His skill, and conformed to His own lovely image; to be covered from the storm, and preserved from the furious blast; to be used for His praise, and be lifted up to His eternal throne. They are His SAINTS; He chose them for His BRIDE; He rescued them from the hand of the enemy; He claims them as His right; He made them what they are; and He will glorify them for ever.

Blessed are the saints of God!
They are bought with Jesus' blood;
They are ransom'd from the grave,
Life eternal they shall have;
With them number'd may I be,
Now and through eternity!

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