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Devotional for June 19

"O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you" 1 Timothy 6:1

What has been entrusted to you - This English expression is the translation of a single Greek word. The word is parakatatheken. It is a word made up of several Greek words para (with), kata (an intensifier meaning "down") and tithemi (to put or set). So, we get "a down payment a deposit." But there is one other thing to add. Paul uses the definite article here. This is not just any down payment. It is the deposit. "Oh, Timothy (my dearest one), keep careful watch over the deposit!" Paul exhorts Timothy to guard with all that he is the record of Christ crucified and risen. This is the deposit of the universe. It is the most valuable thing any man can receive. It is life itself. Don't let it be reduced by empty-headed squabbles or obscured by false reasoning. Nothing should mare its beauty.

Do we treat the record of Jesus' death and resurrection with such care? Are we guarding the deposit given to us? God has entrusted each of us with His message. It is a responsibility and an honor that cannot be taken lightly. We carry the truth of Life; so precious that angels longed to bend down to see what we now know. God has placed in our hands His declaration of redemption for the whole world. The weight of glory rides on the shoulders of humble human beings.

Will you be God's honor guard?

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