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Today's Word

Devotional for August 13

"In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials" 1 Peter 1:6

Various - Peter uses an interesting adjective to describe the testing of our faith. It is the word poikilos. It does not mean "many". Instead it means "of a wide variety". Literally, it means "many colored". It is not the number of trials that Peter is emphasizing. It is the variety, the many facets that trials come in.

Trials of faith usually seem to come in waves. Each one has a unique shape and color. But they are all variations on the same theme. I remember going to the ocean when I was a teenager. We loved to jump waves, but not every wave was a challenge. We had to wait for the "big one". So we would wade into the water and count. Soon we discovered that there was a pattern, a big wave followed several smaller waves, then another big wave would crash around us. We had a great time jumping up and down in the water, being carried along on the big ones.

I find that my life with God is like standing in the waves. A big trial comes along. It knocks me off my feet and carries me someplace I did not think I would go. But soon I am standing again, on the promises of God, feeling trust and confidence in Him. Small waves don't rock me too much. I hold my ground with God. Then along comes another "big one" and suddenly I can't keep my footing and the force of the blow carries me. Some months ago I went through a tsunami. God rearranged my life completely with hurricane force. Then I learned to stand confidently on His word. Today another "big one" arrived. My emotions crashed against the ocean floor, rolling me over the rough sand. The waves around me are dangerous. When I get knocked down, it hurts. But I trust Him. He is all I really have. God is the Master of my world, including the waves.

"Here I am, Lord, clinging to You. Keep my head above the water. I'm holding on to Your promises. Don't let me drown. Help me stand in the waves today."

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