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Voice of the Lord

For God's free gifts and his calling are irrevocable (Romans 11:29).

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What is God's calling to Israel? The Abrahamic covenant states that Abraham's seed will bring blessing to all the nations. Thus, Israel plays a mediatory role in bringing God to the nations. But how is this accomplished? Intercession is the key. Intercession is prayer that brings God's blessings into the lives of others. Even Israel's life is a unique form of intercessory prayer. Her sacrifices called forth the coming of Yeshua. The Torah life calls forth the day when all the nations of the world will obey God's rule. Israel's very existence is a testimony to God's faithfulness!

In an overlapping but somewhat different way, all disciples of Yeshua participate in this mediatory calling and ministry of intercession. The Messiah's supper illustrates the meaning of Messiah's death and releases his power as a type of corporate intercession for the redemption of the world. In various ways, our lives prove God's existence and faithfulness to a doubting world, and our prayers call forth his blessing.

Let us see ourselves today as priestly members of God's kingdom, who have an irrevocable call to intercede for tikkun ha'olam (world restoration).

...fulfill my calling to intercede as a priest in God's Kingdom.


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