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Custom Bible Reading Plan

Bible Books to Include

Enter the book names or their standard abbreviations, separated by a comma, in the order you wish for them to be read, in the text area below.

Books by Specific Order (standard abbreviations are acceptable)


Choose the books from the list below you wish to include in your 'Custom Bible Reading Plan'.

Old Testament (Check All)
 1 Samuel
 2 Samuel
 1 Kings
 2 Kings
 1 Chronicles
 2 Chronicles
 Song of Solomon
New Testament (Check All)
 1 Corinthians
 2 Corinthians
 1 Thessalonians
 2 Thessalonians
 1 Timothy
 2 Timothy
 1 Peter
 2 Peter
 1 John
 2 John
 3 John

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Whole Year     
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Season of Advent    
Season of Lent    
Specific Dates:
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Reading Frequency
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